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Calligraphic Fish

Calligraphic Fish
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Kailash Raj never fails to impress his spectators with his fine artistic works. In this painting, he encapsulates the Arabic calligraphy elegantly encapsulating its lovely history. Arabic Calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy based on the Arabic alphabet mainly originating from the writings of the Quran. In this painting, the artist shows his perfect handiwork by etching down the Arabic phrase 'La illahailla anta innikuntuminazzalimeen'. In Islam, this expression is revered as the Ayat e Karima or the words which Prophet Younus (A.S) recited when he was in the whale's stomach.

It is splendidly illustrated in a charcoal black curved handwriting showing the exact diacritics that define the exotic language. This calligraphy is the best proof of the finest working of the quill and the dip pen as it is the excellent evidence of the twirling Arabic words that take the shape of a goldfish. The painting is further enhanced by a vibrantly colored plethora of floral patterns which garlands the artificial being.

With a hexagonal shape and intricate designs, it is a pleasure to the spectators' eyes as it couples with a thin rectangular golden border that contrasts the rose beige background. It turns out to be the perfect partner of your living room walls with hits bewitching charm that embellishes all our souls.

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Item Code: MK04
Water Color Painting On Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
9.0 inch x 6.3 inch

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