Amitabha: The Buddha who Gives a Long Life -Tibetan Buddhist

Amitabha is a celestial Buddha known for blessing longevity. The name Amitabha also means Infinite Life which lends more splendor to the Buddha’s already well-revered iconography. He is believed to be blessed with infinite merit from being good in his countless past lives as a boddhisatva, or a person on the way to becoming a Buddha. Amitabha has 84,000 marks and virtues, and among other Buddhas, he is most similar to Shakyamuni. As shown in this thangka, Amitabha is painted while diamond pose-seated with his hands in meditation mudra. A closer look shows him as a human monk opulently dressed. His hand pose shows the thumbs touching and fingers joined together and the earth-touch mudra. Meanwhile, the Shakyamuni Buddha’s hands are usually in the earth-touching mudra where the right hand is pointing downwards atop the right leg.

According to Vajrayana, he originates from the hrih, or the red seed syllable, hence his red skin in this painting. He is also painted while holding a begging bowl, depicted in blue that contrasted well with the red skin. This bowl is believed to be filled with immortal nectar. Amitabha seats on a throne designed with petals. The lively colors used to paint the setting and backdrop also suggest that Amitabha is sitting at the center of Western Paradise, faithful to his representations in various forms of arts.

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Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Life, is represented here in his traditional iconography. He sits in the diamond posture, with both hands flat in the contemplation gesture, holding a vase in his hands.

Amitabha is shown richly clad and seated on lotus.He has elongated earlobes like the Shakyamuni Buddha.

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