Stylish Filigree Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Cuff Bracelet (Adjustable Size)

Stylish Filigree Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Cuff Bracelet (Adjustable Size)

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A representation of true fashion beauty, this cuff bracelet with the striking appeal is breathtaking. The Endless knot symbol craved on this jewel immersed with the fetching design and alluring beauty.


The eight auspicious symbols include the Conch, Victory Banner, Dharmachakra, Treasure Vase, Parasol, Lotus, Golden fish, and Endless knot. After the Shakyamuni Buddha gained wisdom or enlightenment these eight sacred symbols are presented as offerings by the gods to buddha.


The couch is the dharma's sound that stimulates the wearer from ignorance. The golden fish symbolizes freedom, fearlessness, and joy. The Lotus symbolizes the purity of speech, mind, and body. Parasol represents protection from illness and harmful forces. The Treasure Vase embodies the phenomenon of space, longevity, prosperity, health, and wealth. The Dharma Chakra symbolizes the eight-fold path that leads to wisdom or enlightenment: Right intention, right action, right faith, right endeavor, right meditation, and right mindfulness. The Victor Banner represents victory over ignorance, fear, and death. 

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Sterling Silver
2.4 inch Height
62 gm

The Endless knot represents eternity. The endless knot is the cycle of death, rebirth, and birth. It is the intertwining of compassion, sympathy, enlightenment, and wisdom. With its several meaning, it also represents unity. Knots have been linked with many meanings like love, perpetually, union, and eternity.

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