Sterling Silver Flying Eagle Pendant

Sterling Silver Flying Eagle Pendant

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This beguiles pendant that is fashioned in an alluring design is set in scintillation sterling silver.  This charmer is styled with an eagle droplet design that is flawless. A whimsical eagle with magnificence attractiveness is the centerpiece of this chic. A true masterpiece for a fashion lover adorned with a gorgeous design.


The eagle symbolizes longevity, victory, freedom, royalty, speed, and pride. Dante said that the eagle is the 'bird of God'. This divine bird is often associated with all-sky gods. It carries the messages and power of the spirit. Eagle has linked the divine connection to the man. It signifies the value of truthful and honesty principles. In Buddhism, the Garuda is the eagle king that is also known as the mythical lord. 

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Item Code: LCI34
Sterling Silver
0.9 inch Height, 0.4 inch width
1 gm

Eagle is the important bird, it means the spring's direction, rebirth and, dawn, The eagle had the characteristics of renewed life for us, resilience, and new beginnings. It also provides stamina to the wearer if he is facing difficulties in life. For centuries, the eagle is seen as a sign of bravery, pride, beauty, determination, honor, grace, and courage. This pendant is truly mystique with the divine bird that is magnifying. Wear this charming pendant with the mystical vibes.


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