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Sterling Handcrafted Donut Pendant with Spiral

Sterling Handcrafted Donut Pendant with Spiral
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This beautiful sterling silver pendant depicts three concentric circles, supported by two symmetrical S-type spirals at its base. The circle--or mandala, in Sanskrit--holds a number of different meanings, from the oneness and wholeness of the universe, to the center of the soul. The number three, likewise, is a number of fullness in Nature and represents balance among opposing energies. In Hindu, as well as other religions and schools of thought, the spiral is said to represent the constant motion of the universe, the birth, life, death, and rebirth cycle which continues on and on for all eternity. As one begins at the center of the spiral, he or she expands ever outward, not in a straight line, but always with a view of the center, no matter where he or she may be. Only as the spiral continues in greater and greater arcs can the entire universe be understood in all of its grand wonder.

Exotic India presents this beautiful pendant in sterling silver due to the many benefits that sterling silver imparts to its user. Throughout history silver has been used to reflect negative energies and to help access difficult emotions. Silver contains and nurtures healthy energies it is given, thus, if attached to a necklace or mala, this beautiful pendant will rest above Anahata, the heart chakra, and serve to guard and protect your sacred emotions. Order our Sterling Silver Handcrafted Donut Pendant with Spiral now and feel the wonders of the circle and spiral resting above your heart, with the timeless protection of Silver guarding what’s underneath.

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Item Code: JZR05
Sterling Silver
2.7 inch Height
1.9 inch Width
24.3 gms

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