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Labradorite Gold Plated Zig-Zag Bracelet

Labradorite Gold Plated Zig-Zag Bracelet
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Labradorite is a mystical gemstone that creates a shielding force in our aura and gives a boost to the natural energies from within. It protects us from negativity and misfortunes. It provides safe passage to enter and connect with the inner realms of consciousness. This gemstone displays the various hues of a blue-green color. Sometimes it also refracts the beautiful shades found in the feather of peacocks such as blue, green, gold, pale green or coppery red, etc. Simply because of this unusual quality, it is also known as Labradorescence.

ExoticIndia proudly presents a Labradorite gold plated Zig Zag bracelet. It exhibits the natural range of vibrant colors found in Labradorite which vary from deep dark oceanic blue to the greys of swirling sand dunes. The beauty of the bracelet is further enhanced by integrating it with gold plated Zig Zag pattern which adds a fiery glow and then it is complemented with silver sterling beads. The bracelet can be adjusted to the desired length with a silver sterling clasp and extended chain. The length of the bracelet is 7.5 inch and the net weight is 39 gms.

This captivating bracelet imparts strength and perseverance to the wearer. It eliminates irrelevant fears and insecurities. It cures several ailments such as rheumatism, gout, asthma and also aids in digestion. You must own this bracelet for its beauty and innumerable benefits.

Item Code: JXR18
Sterling Silver
7.5 inch Length
39 gms

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