Gau Box Pendant with Coral and Turquoise

Gau Box Pendant with Coral and Turquoise


Flaunt your style with this fashion mixed gau box pendant embodied with precious coral and turquoise gemstones. A Ghau or Gau is a Tibetan Buddhist prayer box, amulet, or container. It is usually crafted from brass,  gold, silver, and copper metals.  Tibetan Buddhists, traditionally kept the picture of Lama or their favorite diet in it. The gau box is a keepsake for them. The gau box can be used as a piece of jewelry for fashion. The gau box is actually portable shrines that can open easily and have inside space.


The coral is a valuable gemstone with its mesmerizing sparkle and bright hue. The coral can heal the spams od instance, blood circulating issues and it can give strength to the week bones and support the nervous system. The red coral can provide the wearer the ambition, vitality, and energy. With this stunning bright stone, the wearer can get help as it provides motivation, courage, willpower, and strength. This gemstone can also aid you to remove your inner weaknesses or ugliness. 

Item Code: LCF59
Sterling Silver
1.5" Height, 1.0" Width
15 gm

The coral can eliminate unhealthy emotions and thoughts. Turquoise gemstone is also called the purification stone as it can insert inner peace inside the wearer. This gemstone can drive negativity, exhaustion, and depression away with its peaceful and calm sea green color. 

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