Gau Box Mandala Filigree Pendant with Coral and Turquoise - Made in Nepal

Gau Box Mandala Filigree Pendant with Coral and Turquoise - Made in Nepal

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Enveloped in the charm with the twits of elegance, this pendant is fetching at every angle. The gau box mandala pendant with the unstoppable mystical power and the divine energy will also give you an adorable look. This enticingly remarkable gau box mandala pendant is styled with coral and turquoise gemstone. 


The gau box can be used as a container, protective talisman, and a portable shrine. This gau box pendant can carry any sacred paper or image. The Tibetan Buddhists used this as an amulet container or a prayer box. This is used by Tibetans as a source of protection during their journey. The Mandal means the divine circle that represents the everlasting circle of life. The mandala also represents the place that is imagery and can be seen during meditation. It aids the person on his spiritual journey within himself. 

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Sterling Silver
1.5 inch Height
1.0 inch Width
10 gm

The coral is a brilliant gemstone with fascinating healing properties. It can treat depression, anxiety and provides peace and wisdom to the wearer. Whereas the turquoise gemstone provides hope and protection to the wearer with its good luck charm. Turquoise symbolizes good fortune and provides positive energy. Wear it with any casual or fancy attire to add extra brightness. 


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