Coral and Turquoise Gau Box Pendant

Coral and Turquoise Gau Box Pendant


This ravishing gau box is fashioned with sparkly coral and vivacious turquoise gemstone. With the whimsical design that flaunts the ostentatious display styled with the luscious gemstones. Wear this outstanding jewel and adorn yourself with the extra sparkle.


The gau box is a portable shrine that is used as a keepsake. The Tibetan Buddhists used the gau box as the container and hold their sacred things in it. The Tibetan gau box is used to carry written prayers, magical charms, and medicinal herbs. The gau box is used by the Tibetan Buddhist aa container and they carry the gau box around their neck or waist. Now the charming gau box is crafted to be worn as jewelry.


Item Code: LCF62
Sterling Silver
1.6" Height, 1.5" Width
18 gm

The coral gemstone is well known because of its red glowy color. This gemstone is incredible with its healing properties. The sparkly red hue of this gemstone can get rid of depression and sadness. The coral-stone with its enticing properties protects the wearer from evil or negative influences. Turquoise is a breathtaking gemstone as it balances the mood swings of the wearer. The eye-catching sea green color of this stone is fetching as it instills inner calm. This gemstone can aid the wearer from the depression.


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