Sienna Temple In Keeping With Ancient Temple Architecture

Sienna Temple In Keeping With Ancient Temple Architecture

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A gorgeous wooden temple to house your kuladeva or -devi (presiding deity over one’s kula or clan). Sculpted from wood and finished in a warm, almost orange tone, such a structure would look great housed in a special corner of your space. It is a skilfully constructed piece, each side in perfect symmetry with the other, and takes after the style of the traditional temples of the North.

A wide-topped templetop with a gently undulating silhouette by the side. On top of the same are three tapering stoopa-like structures, a fixture of ancient Indian temples. Similar structures are to be found on each of the four corners of the base supporting the templetop. There are undertones of sienna in this section of the temple. The altar is pillared in all four corners, each pair joined along the top by a panel curving gently upwards at the centre. Together with the discrete silhouette of the pillars, it is a feature of the devotional architecture of yore. Upon its smooth wooden floor, polished and glazed with utmost care, you may choose to place a solitary deity or a divine couple or a multitude of smaller deities.

Built into the base is a miniature drawer operated by a knob. One may put into it pooja samagree (ritual implement) knick-knacks such as the rosary and spare ornaments for the deities, maybe a small box of matches for the lamps.

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Wood Statue
23.7 inch Height x 9.7 inch Width x 9.7 inch Depth
3.50 kg
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