Makeshift Temple With Drawer And Tray Of Offerings

Makeshift Temple With Drawer And Tray Of Offerings

A substantial temple painted a striking crimson colour. Sculpted from wood and finished with hints of gold and green, the style takes after the architecture of the ancient temples of Kashi. The graceful templetop has a gold-coloured installation upon red, surrounded on all four corners by miniatures of the same ensemble and a decorative panel of green to the front as well as the back. Intricately tattooed paisleys and other simple, traditional motifs in white set off all three colours across the templetop.

Rangoli-esque patterns grace the compact interior of the temple. Predominantly a vivid crimson, the patterns are finely done in a solid white colour. Four pillars dyed a lustrous gold would contain the presence of your deities within the temple. Across the top of the frontal pillars is a dramatically carved panel of green embossed with matching white patterns that are superbly pleasing to the eye. Winged creatures of mythical origin, their bodies the colour of gracious gold, protrude from the exterior faces of the tops of each of the pillars.

Miniscule railings characterise the front of the temple. Between those is a bit of space akin to temple entrance, which adds to the realistic aesthetics of the composition. Across the panel beneath the temple floor is a miniature drawer designed to contain knick-knacks related to daily worship. Above the drawer is a tiny tray, of the same colour and make as the drawer, where one may place one’s offerings during poojana.

Item Code: ZEO222
Wood Statue
54.00 inch Height X 29.50 inch Width x 17.50 inch Depth
35.90 kg
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