Explore Mahabharata: An Exciting Pursuit to Explore and Understand the Story and Its Moral Values (Board Game for Ages 9 and Up)

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Board Game for Ages 9 and Up
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Explore Mahabharata

Explore Mahabharata is a strategy game that will instill an interest in mythology at an early age with an awareness of different people, places and episodes inn the epic. The play board itself will help players to understand many aspects of the Mahabharata.


The game board consists of destination points which are places that were important in the great epic Mahabharata. Before beginning the game, players place flags at the destination points indicated in the game board. Play starts with the youngest child and then moves clockwise. Each player has to find the shortest route and the quickest way to reach the Finish point first after collecting 2 destination flags. Players throw the dice and move according to the number thrown. When he/she lands at a particular symbol, the player next to him/her picks a card from the stack and asks the question printed against the symbol on which the player has landed. If the player answers correctly, he/she takes another

The winner is the player who wins 2 destination flags and reaches the finish point first.

A player must throw an exact number to land on a destination point, but may not move forward and backward on any turn.

Ages 9 & Up
Players 2 to 4 Teams



  A Multi-colour Play Board
4 Play Pieces
9 Destination Flags with plastic bases
5 Destination Cards
10 Special Symbol Cards
  Glossary (A booklet)
1 Dice
168 Question-Answer Cards on four different topics (Total 1344 questions and answers)
  An unusually Exciting & Educative Game
  Imparts Knowledge of the Mahabharata
  Acquaints about Heroic Characters, Famous Incidents and Popular Legends of the Mahabharata
  Enhances Exploratory Instincts and Presence of Mind
  Develops Memory Skills and Quickness of Response
  Develops Social Skills
  The Play Board is a combination of a multi-colour Play Board, Cards, a Dice and a Path to move around the board. Symbols representing People, Places and Weapons, Mahabharata Knowledge and Sayings are alternately printed on the Game Board as well as on the Question Cards and there is a question against each symbol on all the cards.


  An exciting Pursuit to explore & understand the story of the Mahabharata & its moral values!
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