Zen: The Solitary Bird Cuckoo of the Forest (Discourse 1-15) (Set of Two MP3 CDs)

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Artiste: Osho
Format: MP3 CD
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The words that I am speaking to you are ordinary words, you know them I do not like to use any kind of jargon. But in another sense the words I am using are extraordinary because they are coming from a depth, from a space within me and certainly they are carrying with them some perfume, some fragrance of that space.

If you are silent, the words becomes inessential and the fragrance that it is carrying becomes essential.

If the fragrance reaches you, you have listened.


01. The way of the birds
02. Tearing down, breaking up
03. Don’t wobble
04. Such a moon
05. A very dangerous place
06. In his rackety town
07. Fences, walls and broken tiles
08. Like the tongue of a dead man
09. No words, no mind, and you are in
10. Be at the center
11. Dhyana has no gate
12. Hidden behind these reflecting eyes
13. The price of rice in Joshu
14. Kwatz!
15. The house where nobody lives

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