Spa Lounge: Music for Meditation, Message, De-Stress and Relaxation (Audio CD)

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Saashwathi PrabhuSuper Audio (Madras) Pvt. Ltd. (2010)
From the Audio CD
Produced by: Saashwathi Prabhu
Violinist: Padma Shankar
Catlogue No: SA 505
Format: Audio CD

About the Audio CD

Spa lounge is a cultural collage creating a musical fusion of diversity, not only of music, but of moods and emotions, cultures and tones. This instrumental album takes the listener through different styles genres and emotions indulging each listener with a unique musical experience. This album aims to entertain the listener by providing a sense of satisfaction of listening to a complete synthesis of varied types of music, and finally leaving the person in a very relaxed and contended mood. Each piece in the album is carefully conceived so as to let the person feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the end of the musical journey. Certain instrument have while switching octaves. Each instrument has an inherent ethnicity and when many instruments from different countries are combined an exciting melody emerges. The composer communicate in this album through Sitar, violin, guitar, piano, flute, saxophone, Santoor, trumpet, mridangam, Kanjira, gatam, table, darbouka, African drums and Jazz drums.

About the Artiste

Saashwathi is a young musician cum composer who is the proud disciple of the renowned violin Maestro Lalguid G. Jayaraman. Though her career began as a vocalist, her gnawing passion to create music urged her to produce an album at a very young age. She believed that composing/ creating music gives infinite scope for expression of the soul within. Saashwathi is a traditional Carnatic singer. Why has she ventured into fusion? Fusion opens up a new platform for expression as there is more than one facet of music and of the composer that are exposed. She has successfully released 4 albums so far including classical fusion & spiritual chants. Being a psychologist she has also produced therapeutic music for relaxation.


1. Spirit
2. Country Sitari
3. Scent of India
4. Surpassing Depth
5. Deep heart
6. Explore
7. Free flight
8. Classical mist

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