Sounds of Nature: Music For Relaxation Spa, Yoga, Meditation and Reiki (Audio CD)

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Super Audio (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd.(2011)
About the CD

Here is the magic wand to put you where you rightfully belong right on the lap of nature itself. Unwind yourself with these caressing themes in which flowing water and wandering breeze are woven into bamboo and string to act as healing balm to your soul. Let the chirping of sparrows glitter in the dewdrops as you are wafted to cosmic zones beyond the reach of narrow constructs. Hear the whispers of the unbounded. Chime to the secretive strains of the unknown. In a word leave every though and worry behind to emerge thoroughly renewed from this magi-musical experience.

1. Quiet Flows the Stream
2. Scented Breeze
3. Beckoning Vistas
4. Wavy Shores
5. Glittering Dewdrops

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