Soul Relaxation: Music For De-Stress and Relaxation (Audio CD)

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Super Audio (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd. (2011)
About the CD

Relax and rejuvenate relax and refresh relax and renew yourself. Reap the rewards of relaxation by plumping for Soul Relaxation your one stop album for instrumentals that will make you let your hair down and take your spirits up. Let these placid numbers change the gear of your life to a smooth and steady flow of peace and tranquility. Let your blood pressure come down slow down your ageing process live life to its hit and build awareness and warmth into your relationships. Let go and harvest the fullness of health. Stop worrying and start living by making the peace and calm of Relax your anthem Relax your time has come.

1. Oriental Breeze
2. Gentle Drops
3. Winds of Melody
4. Sunrise
5. Soft Whisper
6. Listen to your soul
7. Seaside Bliss

Music Arranged & Composed by: Aadithyan Titus

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