Shri Raghavendra Baaro - Devotional Verses in Sanskrit & Kannada By Kishori Amonkar (Audio CD)

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Kishori AmonkarSaregama (2007)
From the CD :

Ganasaraswati Padma Vibhushan Smt. Kishori Amonkar is one of the most extraordinary musicians to be born into the world of Indian music. Her outstanding intellect and artistry are matched by formidable taleem, talent, a glorious, super nimble voice, and most of all, an arresting sense of feeling. Finally it is the feeling that she infuses in every swara, every phrase, meend, every taan and even every pause, that makes her music divine.

Kishoritai is the prima donna of raga music. She is also a spiritual music exponent who sings straight from the heart to the lord. A devout and highly evolved soul, she has totally surrendered to Raghavendra Swami. It is this power of her surrender that enables her to live a life completely devoid of fear, a life that she lives according to her terms, a music career where she has always dictated the terms in accordance with the dignity that classical music deserves, and her great gurus deserve.

This commanding and unique personality has rendered soul stirring numbers as a tribute to her beloved Ragavendra Swami. This album ‘Shri Raghavendra Baaro’ is a veritable necklace of rare jewels intricately and lovingly fashioned to adorn the divine Raghavendra Swami.

The album commences with the Shri Raghavendra Stotram, followed by the Raghavendra Ashtakam in eight parts, Shri Raghavendra Baro beckons to Swami and is followed by the 108 couplet Shri Raghavendra Ashtottarashatanamavali. The album concludes with an invocation that is composed to vanquish of illnesses.

India is the most blessed land on God’s earth. Blessed by the seers of the Vedic times, the rishis, munis, acharyas, swamis and digambars. This is the land of the greatest of saints who have attained godhood and have shown ordinary mortals the way to eternity and have also upheld the energy of the Universe and mankind with their tapas. Shri Raghavendra Swami Guru was one of the greatest of such saints. He continues today to perform miracles, centuries after he left his mortal body through attainment of Samadhi.

Smt. Kishori Amonkar is blessed with the divine energy of Shri Raghavendra Swami. This album expresses the divinity that was, is and will be Shri Raghavendra.

1 Shri Raghavendrastotram.
2 Shri Raghavenrashtakam.
3 Shri Raghvendra Baaro.
4 Shri Raghavendra Ashtottarshatnamavali.
5 Rog Harane Krupasagar Shri Guru.

Music- Kishori Amonkar
Photo courtesy- Satyadhyan Vidyapeeth, Mulund, Mumbai.

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