Shakuhachi Meditation Music: Traditional Japanese Flute For Zen Contemplation (Set of 2 Audio CDs)

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Stan Richardson New Age Music (2004)139 Minutes
About the CD

From the Seven hundred year old Japanese art of blowing Zen (Sui Zen) evolved these honkyoku tonal contemplations meant to still the mind and awaken attention. Here virtuoso stan Richardson offers thirteen authentic pieces played solo on traditional end blown bamboo flute as they were for centuries by wandering monks.


Kyorei – Empty Beli 14:56
Choshi or Shirabe 04:52
Koku – Empty Sky 15:22
Murasaki Reibo 08:03
Sashi – Buddha or Satsu 07:20
Yoshi Ya 07:27
Sanya – Three Valleys 14:49
Program 2
Akita Sugagaki – Reed Fence 17:17
Shin Kyorei 18:09
Tsuru no Sugomori 07:59
Shika no Tone 10:30
Tamuke – offering 07:38
Matsukaze – Wind in the pines 07:28
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