The Rustless Wonder: An Interactive CD-Rom title on The Iron Pillar at Delhi (Set of 2 CDs)

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Vigyan Prasar
The Rustless Wonder

This cd Ros is based on the book " The Rustless Wonder: A Study of the Iron Pillar at Delhi" written by Prof. T.R.Anantharaman, formerly Head, Department of Metallurgical Engineering; Director, Institute of Technology and Rector, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Acclaimed nationally and internationally as a teacher and researcher, Prof. Anantaraman was conferred D.Sc.Degree (1991) by the Oxford University for his Outstanding research contributions in metallurgy and material sciences.

The Iron Pillar located at Mehrauli Village on the Outskirts of Delhi has been an object of perennial interest and curiosity for scienitists as well as lay persons. It remained an enigma for centuries mainly on two counts: first relates to the technology by which a metallic object of such a large size and mass could be fashioned so many centuries ago, and the second had to do with its phenomenal corrosion resistance despite exposure to sun, rain and wing for so long.

Prof. Anantaraman documents every aspect of this technological marvel and while doing so, has gone throgh and summarised all important studies and researches done on the pillar by scientists from various countries over the last century and a half. This study can undoubtedly be termed as the most comprehensive thus fas on the famous pillar.

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