Ritu Grishma Varsha Sounds of the Seasons (Audio CD)

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Pt. Ajay ChakravartyTimes Music (2007)
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Ritu: Grishma-Varsha

Indian classical music is closely linked with nature. It is generally believed in musical circles that Raags evoke the feelings of the season with which they are associated, and are usually sung and played in concerts to celebrate the onset of the same. It is believed that only in this period the Raag appears to be at the peak of its melodic beauty and majestic splendor. Each season calls for a different kind of celebration. Some of the Indian classical raags traditionally associated with the seasons of monsoon, spring and autumn are Basant Bahar, Malhar and Gorakh Kalyan. Raga and Ritu [Seasons] Association: -

RagaRitu English Calender
BhairavShishirDecember- January
HindolVasantFebruary- March
DeepakGrishmaApril- May
MeghVarshaJune- July- Mid August
MalkansSharadAugust, September- Mid October
ShreeHemantMid October- November
Ritu: Grishma- Varsha

Feel the seasons of summer and monsoon come to life in all their magnificence, with Raag Sarang and Raag Miyan Malhar. Raga Sarang and Raga Miyan Malhar have traditionally been associated with the heat of summer and monsoon showers respectively.

1. Ritu - Grishma
Raag Sarang
Artiste - Aacharya Gokul Utsav Maharaj
Lyrics - Surdas

2. Ritu - Varsha
Raag Miyan Malhar
Artiste - Pt. Ajay Chakravarty
Lyrics - Hiteshri Aashudas Ram

Music Compose - J.S.R. Madhukar

Seasons are of special significance in India and the advent of different seasons finds expression through music. Ritu Series celebrates various Indian seasons with classical Raags associated with it.

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