Resonance... Zikr & Drums of Turkey (Yarkin...Turkish Percussion & Rhythm Group) (Audio CD)

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Mystica Music (2009)
Yarkin- Turkish Percussion & Rhythm Group

Founded in 1994 by Fahrettin and Ferruh Yarkin, the Yarkin Turkish Percussion & Rhythm group strives to introduce the phenomenon of rhythm, which has for centuries held a central place in Turkish music, in a performance style suitable to today's reality. Based on the thought that far Eastern, Latin American and Indian musical genres have become popular because of the rich use of rhythmic patterns and instruments as well as their melodic richness, they continue their work to gain Turkish rhythms and rhythm instruments their rightful place both at home and abroad.

Fahrettin Yarkin was born in Istanbul in 1960. After finishing high school, he entered the Istanbul technical University State Turkish music conservatory and graduated in 1983. During this period, in 1981, he began performing as a percussionist at Turkish Radio, where he remains today. He has been invited to give concerts, seminars and lessons in Japan, North Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Ferruh Yarkin was born in Istanbul in 1964. After high school, he entered the Istanbul Technical University State Turkish music conservatory and graduated in 1986. In 1988 he became part of the Istanbul state Turkish music ensemble of the ministry of culture. A member of the teaching faculty at the ITU state Turkish music conservatory, he has been involved in various projects with the Rhythm Group since 1990. In addition to his recordings, he has given concerts European countries.

2.Celestial Echoes06.40
3.Soaring Ecstasy03.39
4.March To The Dawn05.36
5: Chariots Of Love04.25
6. Morning Mist 05.25
7. Drums Of Dervish03.38
8. Caravan Of Beats05.26
9. Dancing Rhythm05.09
10. Communion02.58
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