Relaxation Anti Stress (The Relaxation Series) (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICR036
Sambodhi PremTimes Music (2006)
From CD

Timeless Light 1
Sunlight Rain River 2
Circle Within 3
The Dance of Rain Declares the Sun 4
Place of Power 5
Dance at Down 6
The Ancient Ones 7
One Ocean of Witnessing 8
Hermitage 9
Pebbles on a Sea Beach 10
Carry Me on Your Morning Wings 11
The Heart Insight 12
Musicians (in order of appearance)

Sambodhi: guitar, keyboards, bass and voice
Nandin: silver flute, Pebbles on a Sea Beach
Mike Trim: percussion, Carry me on Your Morning Wings
Pritamo: keyboards, Timeless Light
Clive Ashley: soprano saxophone, Place of Power
Devakant: bamboo flute, The Ancient Ones
Wilton Rodger: piano, Dancer at Dawn
David Bowater: soprano saxophone, The Heart Insight

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Sambodhi Prem, except: Place of Power, by Puration & Sambodhi Pre
Hermitage, written by Pat Metheny
The Ancient Ones, by Devakant & Sambodhi Prem
One Ocean of Witnessing, by Mitto & Sambodhi Prem

Creative Direction: Bhikkhu, Art Director: Waduda Paradiso, Graphic Design: Anni Wildung, Cover Image: Photodisc”

The Relaxation Series

Stress is considered a leading factor of dis-ease, energy imbalance and loss of focus. This anti-stress relaxation music brings you a new sense of profound harmony, inner balance and lasting well-being.

Lo stress e’ considerato uno dei fattori primary che conduce e provoca varie malattie, squilibrio psicofisico, e perdita di concentrazione. Questa musica anti stress porta a chi l’ascolta, una nuova sensazione di profonda armonia, un bilanciamento interiore e un profondo senso di benessere.

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