Rare Vedic Chanting: Bhradaranyaka Upanishad (With Sukla Yajurvediya Kanva Svaras)- Rare Vedic Chanting (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICP060
Various Artists Super Audio (2007)
From the CD:

Bhradaranyaka Upanishad (With Sukla Yajurvediya Kanva Svaras)

The most important Brahadaranayaka Upanishad is the perennial source of secret and sacred spiritual knowledge. The Madhu Kanda teaches the identity of the individual self and the universal self and the superimposition of the world on Brahman, Adi Sankara, Ramanuja and Madhva have commented on this Upanishad. Sureshvara wrote a vartika (a gloss on Sankara’s commentary). There are two recensions of the Satapatha Brahmana, the Kanva and the Madhyandina. Sankara followed the Kanva recension.

This CD contains the continuation of the second Brahmana to the sixth of Adhyaya II comprising 46 Mantras and runs upto the 16th Mantra of the 9th Brahmana of Adhyaya III. It has 126 mantras totally.

Adh.II deals with I. The embodiment of breath in a person. 2. The two forms of Brahman. 3. The conversation of Yajnavalkya and Maitreyi concerning the all pervading soul. 4. The inter-relativity of all things cosmic and personal, and the absoluteness of the immanent soul, the honey doctrine taught in the Vedas. 5. The teachers of this doctrine.

Adh III- 1. Sacrificial worship and its rewards. 2. The fettered soul, and its fate at death. 3. The destination of the offerings of the horse sacrifice. 4. The theoretical unknowability of the immanent Brahman 5. Renunciation, the practical way of knowing Brahman 6. The regresses to Brahman, the ultimate world ground. 7. Wind the string holding the world together, the immortal immanent soul, the inner controller. 8. The ultimate warp of the world- the unqualified, imperishable Brahman 9. Regresses of the numerous Gods to the unitary Brahman, eight different persons and their corresponding divinities.

II Adhyaya II (Madhukanda) I Brahmanan 2 Mantras I to 04 I Brahmanan 3 Mantras I to 06 I Brahmanan 4 Mantras I to 14 I Brahmanan 5 Mantras I to 19 I Brahmanan 6 Mantras I to 03 II Adhyaya III (Adhyaropa) I Brahmanan I Mantras I to 10 I Brahmanan 2 Mantras I to 13 I Brahmanan 3 Mantras I and 2 I Brahmanan 4 Mantras I and 2 I Brahmanan 5 Mantras I I Brahmana 6 Mantras I I Brahmanan 7 Mantras I and 2 I Brahmanan 8 Mantras I to 12 I Brahmanan 9 Mantras I to 16

Prof.R. Thiagarajan, Ganapaati Brahmasri Parasurama Sastri, D. Sankaran, S.Srinivasa Sharma, K.S. Manjunathan. Music- V.R. Manikkavinayagam

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