Planet Meditation (Relaxed Hypnotic Rhythms For Peace And Harmony) (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICR563
EMI (2009)
About the CD

As your consciousness continues to move in your third eye pastel colors to appear in your forehead, Sumptuous, glorious Pinks, Yellows, whites, blues, indigos, greens and purples take their turn or play in combination in your forehead. Then you may think you are seeing fireflies, lightening or moonlight as your life becomes more concentrated and more actively prepares you to behold higher consciousness. This process is readying you to experience your true nature as pure consciousness, pure spirit, pure awareness. And then the light in your forehead blazes brighter then the sun! but you find it is soothing to look into the awesome light soothing to behold it. This is the brilliance of your inner light your essence revealing itself to you.

1 Total Eclipse – Blue Galaxie
2 X- Dream – Relaxed Vortex
3 Celtic Cross – Fifth Level
4 Echo System - Bosphoressence
5 Elysium – Journey into the Complex Brain
6 Etnica – Deep East
7 Spectral - Avalon
8 Total Eclipse – Black Body Radiation
9 Toires – Tantrika
10 Sri Hari – Shivranjani Raga
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