Osho Active Meditation: Kundalini (A Set of 1 DVD and 1 Audio CD)

Item Code: IZA112
OshoOsho World Foundation (2011)60 Mins. Approx

From The Audio CD
Artist: Osho
Catlogue No: 8904151009733
Format: Audio CD
Duration: 60 Mins. Approx


About The Audio CD

“My methods of meditation have been developed out of an absolute necessity. It is a rare phenomenon today to find a healthy mind. Everybody is feeling a certain kind of a nausea, a mental nausea. A certain emptiness which is like a wound… hurting. You have to throw out all the junk that your mind is full of.

Unless you are unloaded, you cannot sit silently.

I call them preliminary methods. They are to destroy everything that can prevent you from going into a silent meditation.

Once dynamic or kundalini meditation succeeds, you are clean, you have erased repressiveness.

Now it is possible for you to enter into the temple.”




1 Shake 15 min.
2 Dance 15 min.
3 Be Still and Witness 15 min.
4 Relax 15 min.
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