Nonsense Mahul (An Animation DVD on Sukumar Ray) (DVD)

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MahulSaregama India Ltd.(2009)23 min 17 sec
About the DVD

Mahul Team – Shanoli, Palash, Babu, Satya. Indra, Tatai, Biju
Music Arrangement & Programming: Mithun
Animation: Animatzione
Child Voice: Saroni
Translated by: Nilanjan Dey
Recording & Mixing: Abhimonyu Deb, Subhodip (Saregama Studio)
Inlay Design: Pradip Das

This DVD packs in 6 well-known poems of Sukumar Ray, the king of nonsense rhyme, featuring contemporary sound, loveable & and Funny animated characters the animation has reached international standard. It cuts across age barriers – appealing to the gen next and seniors alike. The music and the rhythm take you through the exciting world of Hukomukho Hangla, Ramgarur and much more!...

Language: Bengali
With English Subtitle


The Drums: Thump and Thrash, Crash and Rash03:56
The Bang Clang Teaser04:37
The Son of Ramgarur03:05
Gotcha !04:40
Tenet of 2104:40
Pocker-Faced Glutton03:39
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