Nada Himalaya Deuter: Music for Meditation (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICN069
Times Music (2006)
From the CD

Deuter’s spiritual qualities of inner silence and vital meditation are wonderfully reflected in Nada Himalaya. His inimitable ability to make these inner qualities audible in the form of harmonics and vibrations is his greatest talent and his gift to all those who love his music.

-Gayan Silvia Winter
Author of “Meditation for Women”

In all cultures bells are the embodiment of spiritual sound. Deuter’s bells playing carries you over the continents and the ages to a place high in the Himalayas - perhaps to a Tibetan monastery in old Lhasa - and calls down from there as if resonating out of the very heights and depths of being. Beyond the bells there is only the silence. Indeed, they are musical silence. And therefore also musical meditation.

Each new Deuter Album confirms that this man is not only the founder of modern meditation music (which has meanwhile conferred as many mixed blessings!) he remains its master.
- Prof. H.C. Joachim - Ernst Berendt

All music played and recorded by C.G. Deuter. Recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. This recording contains only natural sounds of Tibetan bells and bowls, chimes and mountain stream. Recorded with AKG C12 and B&K microphones.

“In 10 Years of and living in Asia I have gathered a collection of fine Tibetan bells and bowls. All have been handpicked and come from different places in Nepal, Tibet, Japan and India. One was from a Tibetan monastery, one was a gift from a Tibetan lama, who touched my heart with his big laugh. One was a present from a spiritual master, Osho, who gave it to me “for healing purposes.”

And this is what these sounds are doing, they want to help and heal you from the inside out. All the energies from people of different times who made these bells and all my 25 years experience of making music and listening to the silent music within are in these recordings.

These sounds are gentle, almost floating like white clouds in the Himalayas. But they are also powerful in changing the sound environment around you raising the vibration of your being. They are a great help to become quiet and silent. Not a silence imposed on yourself, but silence that wells up from inside, by itself, without doing anything. And these sounds will create a timeless space, the here-now gate of eternity.

Use this music as an active meditation, listen to the music, feel how the sounds resonate in your system, humming gently with it.

Or use it as a soft background, to relax and harmonize yourself, after coming home from work.

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