Kula Sampada: The Tradition of Banaras Gharana (With Booklet Inside) (Set of 3 Audio CDs)

Item Code: ICY033
Various Artistes Mystica Music (2009)193 Minutes
About the CD

Pt. Hanuman Misra, Pt. Gopal Misra, Pts. Rajan Sajan Misra, Rajnish Ritesh Mishra.

The Rich Tradition of Gharanas
A rich tradition of Hindustani classical music Gharanas indicate a comprehensive musicological ideology. Every Gharana has a different ideology which is also called as its style. They have their basis in the traditional model of imparting training on the lines of Guru Shishya parampara. The distinct feature of every Gharana is the manner in which the notes are sung. The gharanas emerge from the creative style of a genius who gives a totally new approach form and interpretation to the existing structures. The new approach form and interpretation encompass the tone the pitch the inflexions the intonations and the specific application of various nuances.

Banaras Gharana
The Banaras gharana evolved as a result of great lilting style of khayal singing known by Thumri singers of Banaras and Gaya. The chief exponents of the Banaras Gharana are Pt. Gopal Misra Pt. Hanuman Misra, Pt. Rajan Mishra, Pt. Sajan Mishra and more.

Kula Sampada the Tradition of Banaras Gharana
Mystica Music is proud to present the legacy of Banaras Gharana which has been star studded with great musicians namely Pt. Hanuman Misra, Pt. Gopal Misra, Pt. Rajan Misra, Pt. Sajan Misra and now the talented duo Rajnish & Ritesh mishra. This exquisite collection of three albums is indeed a treasure for music lovers of Indian classical music. In this set of three cds CD-1 features the masterful rendering of Raga Madhukauns by Pt. Gopal Misra and Meera Bhajan in Raga Misr Pilu by Pt. Hanuman Misra, CD-2 Features the enchanting Raga Malkauns by Pts. Rajan Sajan Misra, and CD-3 features the entrancing raga Todi, Raga Madhuwanti and Raga Puriya Dhanashree by Rajnish Ritesh Mishra.

Mystica Music
The music company with a vision to promote the latent talent inherent in the rich cultures from around the globe and preserving the works of the legendary artistes, Mystica Music has been established in the year 2005. It is an offering of a platform to those who aspire to contribute in the field of music meaningfully. The aim is to identify nurture and promote the talent in the field of music with preserving and promoting the existing repertoire generated by the legendary artistes of all times. The genres we are working on include world music, Sufi, devotional New Age, meditation discourse, classical dance and dynamism instrumental easy listening healing experimental and Nirvana.

CD – 1
Raga Madhukauns (Pt. Gopal Misra)50:34
Meera Bhajan in Raga Misr Pilu (Pt. Hanuman Misra) 16:34
CD – 2
Raga Malkauns (Pt. Rajan Misra & Pt. Sajan Misra) 61:23
CD – 3
Raga Todi 28:37
Raga Madhuwanti 16:45
Raga Puriya Dhanashree (Rajnish Mishra & Ritesh Mishra)20:41
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