Just Bliss: Music for Relaxation (Audio CD)

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Saashwathi PrabhuSuper Audio (2009)
About the CD

Just Bliss is a collection of musical pieces that will elevate the listener’s mind, body and conscience to a heightened sense of tranquility where all tension, despair and troubles fade away into oblivion. Just Bliss thrived on the philosophy that music can be used to enhance the alpha waves of the brain resulting in a relaxed state of mind. In this album, every individual piece of music is a soothing interplay of melodies intricately interwoven to create a blend that is harmonious and relaxing to the listener.

1. New Age

2. Attachment

3. Ethnic Flavour

4. Blossom

5. Dark Secrets

6. Nature’s Dream

7. Wild Fantasy

8. Mind Journey

9. Sunshine

10. Just a Tune

11. Carnations

12. Soul Search

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