Great Saints of India: Kabirdas, Meera, Surdas & Tulsidas (Audio CD)

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Shubha Mudgal EMI (2011)
About the CD

The Bhakti Movement (14th -17th Century) marked the beginning of devotional singing at a mass level in India. It was when great saints of the period began to use simple writing styles to express devotion to God that religion truly became accessible to all eminent singer Shubha Mudgal offers a musical tribute to the great saints of India with her melodious and towering renditions of these literary germs.

1. Amarpur Le Chal Ho Sajana – Kabir
2. Prabhuji Main Araj Karun Chhoon – Meera
3. Chale Gaye Dil Ke Daaman Gir – Surdas
4. Bhaj Man Ram Charan Sukh Dayi – Tulsidas
5. Baithi Sagun Manavati Mata – Tulsidas
6. Gali to Chhaaron bandh Hui – Meera
7. Boojhat Shyam Kaun tu Gori – Surdas
8. Mero Haar Heraano – Kabir

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