The Great Heritage: Ustad Amir Khan (Exclusive Archival Collection) (Set of 3 Audio CDs)

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Ustad Amir KhanSaregama India Ltd. (2010)
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About The Audio CD

The Great Heritage Series
The Vedas, one of the oldest Indian Scriptures have been the seat of Indian Classical Music. Indian Classical Music is also said to have been influenced by Indian folk music. Being both, elaborate and highly expressive, Indian Classical Music has withstood the onslaught of time and various cultures. The pages of History also indicate the influence of Persian music on Hindustani Classical Music. Based melodically on Ragas and rhythmically on Talas, this rich legacy lays emphasis on exploring the ragas and expounding the finer nuances of the same.

The proud history of Saregama stretches back over a century to 1901. Formerly known as the Gramophone Company of India Ltd. And more popularly as HMV (His Master’s Voice), Saregama was established as the first overseas Indian Branch of Electrical and Musical Industries Limited (EMI), London. From producing the first song recorded in India in 1902 by the star of yesteryears, Gauhar Jan, today Saregama has evolved into one of India’s premier entertainment content companies. Saregama India Ltd. Is the custodian of over half of all the music ever recorded in India. Saregama has the largest music archive-and catalogue-in India.

Each of the artistes featured in this series is a legend and has contributed greatly to putting Indian Classical Music on the global map. Having imbibed musical knowledge in the Guru – Shishya parampara, they continued the tradition with their students too, thus building on the rich cultural heritage, generation after generation.

In this exclusive series aptly named ‘The Great Heritage Series’, in its own inimitable style, Saregama brings together the wealth of Indian Classical Music, the artistes’ legacy and its own brand equity built over the years.

About The Artiste

Ustad Amir Khan
Born into a family of musicians, Ustad Amir Khan was initiated into music by his father Shahmir Khan, a sarangi player. Amir Khan was exposed at an early age to many different styles, since just about every musician who visited Indore would come to their house, and there would be mehfils at their place on a regular basis. Influenced by this exposure, Amir Khan developed his own singing style blending the spiritual flavor and grandeur of Dhrupad with the ornamentation of Khayal. Thus came into being the Indore Gharana. His lack of showmanship was more than made up for by his command over the style and understated elegance combinced with his undying passion. The richness of his voice continues to enthrall listeners not just in his classical endeavors but also some of the popular songs from old Hindi film classics. Having been bestowed by the Padma Bhushan and the Sangeet Natak Academy awards, Amir Khansaheb also has to his credit a number of recordings.

About The Music

In this three CD-pack the opening track of CD 1 is a morning melody in Raag Bilaskhani Todi. This is followed by the twilight melody in Raga Marwa. Ustad Amir Khansaheb’s rendition of this raga has been universally acclaimed to be his best! The CD concludes with a devotional piece in Raga Hansadhwani which builds to a crescendo with a powerful Tarana.
CD 2 and CD 3 are recordings of live concerts.
CD 2 begins with 2 morning melodies in Raga Bairagi and Raga Charukesi. This is followed by a twilight melody in Raga Puriya. The CD concludes with a night melody in Raga Shudh Kalyan. The tracks in this CD are all being released in CD format for the first time.
Chandani Kedar is a rare raga and forms the opening melody for CD 3. This is followed by a night melody in Raga Madhukauns.
The choicest of ragas by the legend Ustad Amir Khan have been compiled together in this special series, thus ensuring the eternal popularity of this evergreen artiste.


CD 1
1. Raga – Bilaskhani Todi [1976]
Khayal Vilambit Jhoomra
“Bairagi Roop Dhare”
Khayal Drut Teentaal
“Baje Niki Ghungariya”

2. Raga – Marwa [1960]
Khayal Vilambit Jhoomra
“Piya More Aanat Des”
Khayal Drut Teentaal
“Guru Bin Gyan Na Pawe”

3. Raga – Hansdhwani
Khayal Vilambit Ektaal
“Jai Maate Vilambh Taj De”
Tarana Drut Teentaal
All India Radio

CD 2
1. Raga – Bairagi
Khayal Teentaal
“Man Sumarat Nis Din Tumharo Naam”

2. Raga – Charukeshi
Khayal Teentaal
“Laaj Rakho Tum Mori Gusaiyan”

3. Raga – Puriya
Khayal Teentaal
“Chin Chin Baat Takat Hun Tori”

4. Raga – Shuddha Kalyan
Khayal Vilambit Jhoomra
“Karam Karo”
Tarana – Teentaal
Live In Concert

CD 3
1. Raga – Chandani Kedar
Khayal Vilambit Jhoomra
“Ye Ri Tu Dhan Dhan Tero Bhaag”

2. Raga – Madhukauns
Khayal Teentaal
“Bairanbhai Rain”
Live In Concert

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