The Great Heritage Exclusive Archival Collection Pt. D.V. Paluskar: Hindustani Classical Vocal (Set of 3 Audio CDs)

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Saregama (2010)
The Great Heritage Series

The Vedas one of the oldest Indian scriptures have been the seat of Indian classical Music. Indian classical Music is also said to have been influenced by Indian folk Music. Being both elaborate and highly expressive Indian classical much has withstood the onslaught of time and various cultures. The pages of history also indicate the influence of Persian music on Hindustani Classical music. Based melodically on Ragas and rhthmatically on Talas this rich legacy lays emphasis on exploring the ragas and expounding the finer nuances of the same.

The proud history of Saregama stretches back over a century to 1901. formerly known as the Gramophone company of India Ltd. And more popularly as HMV (His Master’s Voice) Saregama was established as the first overseas Indian Branch of Electrical & Musical industries limited (EMI) London, From producing the first song recorded in India in 1902 by the star of yesteryears, Gauhar Jan, today Saregama has evolved into one of India’s premier entertainment content companies. Saregama India Ltd. Is the custodian of over half of all the music ever recorded in India. Saregama has the largest music archive and catalogue in India.

Each of the artistes features in this series is a legend and has contributed greatly to putting Indian classical music on the global map. Having imbibed musical knowledge in the Guru Shishya Parampara they continued the tradition with their students too thus building on the rich cultural heritage generation after generation.

In this exclusive series aptly named the great heritage series in its own inimitable style, Saregama brings together the wealth of Indian classical music the artistes legacy and its own brand equity built over the years.

About the Artiste Pt. D.V. Paluskar

Pt. D.V. Paluskar was born to well known Hindustani musician Acharya Vishnu Digamber Paluskar who had contributed greatly to the cause of music by establishing the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. When only ten D.V. Paluskar lost his father and was subsequently trained by Pt. Vinayakrao Patwardhan and Pandit Narayanrao Vyas. At the tender age of fourteen he gave his first public performance at Harvallabh Sangeet Sammelan in Punjab. His masterful techniques and embellishmens enhanced the beauty of any raga or bhajan performed by him. He was a much sought after artist of the Gwalior Gharana. He also performed a duet with Ustad Amir Khan for the film Baiju Bawra. Pt. D.V. Paluskar left for his heavenly abode at the very young age of 34. Thus making the availability of his repertoire very limited most of which is in the custody of Saregama.

About the Music

CD 1 opens with a morning melody in Raga Ramkali Followed by yet another morning melody in Raga Desi. The album concludes with a bhajan of Guru Nanak.

Raga Shree a twilight melody is the opening track of CD 2. This is followed by 3 night melodies in Raga Kedar, Raga Khambavati and Raga Kamod. The four ragas featured herein are the chosen ones in Gwalior gharana.

CD 1 and 2 are recordings from all India Radio.

CD 3 is a compilation of traditional ragas and bhajans. Each track is handpicked from the archival collection of Saregama’s repertoire of 78 rpm recordings. The listener will experience a variety of shades reflecting the moods of the different ragas, each showcased briefly here.

CD 1
1. Raga Ramkali (1988)
Khayal Vilambit Ektaal
“Machhariya More” Khayal Drut Teen Taal
“Hun to Baar Baar Tori Yaad”
2. Raga Desi (1988)
Khayal Vilambit Ektaal
“ Naiya More Bhai”
Khayal Drut Teentaal
“Sachi Kahat Hai Adaranga
3. Guru Nanak Bhajan – Thakur Tum Sharnai Aayo

CD 2
1. Raga Shree
Khayal Jhaptaal
”Hari ke Charan Kamal”
2. Raga Kedar(1991)
Khayal Vilambit Ektaal
“Jogia Ja”
Khayal Drut Teentaal
“Kanha Re Nand Nandan
3. Raga Khambavati
Khayal Vilambit Teentaal
“Aali Ri Main Jaagi
4. Raga Kamod
Khayal Drut Ektaal
“Laagi Re More Nai Lagan”

CD 3
1. Raga-Lalat (1954)
“Are Man Ram Naam”
2. Raga-Bibhas (1950)
“Kais Kumarva”
3. Raga-Bilaskhani Todi (1959)
“Nike Ghunghariya
4. Raga-Asawari (1948)
“Barhaiya lao Lao Re
5. Raga-Gaud Sarang (1951)
“ Piyu Palan Lagi Mori Ankhiya
6. Bhajan (1962)
“Payo Ji Maine Raamratan”
7. Bhajan (1962)
“Thumak Chalat Raamchandra”
8. Raga – Hammeer (1954)
“Surja Rahi Ho”
9. Raga-Tilak Kamod (1959)
“Koelia Bole”
10. Raga-Kedar (1959)
“Jare Kanre”
11. Raga-Miyan Ki Malhar (1948)
“Aai Samdhan”
12. Raga Malkauns (1951)
“Nand ke Chhaila Dhit”
13. Bhajan (1962)
“Jab Janakinath”
14. Bhajan (1962)
“Chalo Man Ganga Jamuna Teer”
15. Bhajan (1959)
“Rahupati Raghav Raja Ram”.

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