Festivals of India : Janmashtami (Indian Traditional Celebration) (DVD)

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Amit ChhedaShethia Audio Video Pvt. Ltd.(2011)30 mins. Approx.
About the DVD

A Shethia Audio Video Pvt. Ltd.
Produced By: Amit Chheda
Concept By: Raksha Chheda
Directed and Edited By: Rupa Shukla Ahire
Camera: Ameet Ahire
Music: Prem Haria
Production Controller: Sanjay Visharia

Festivals are integral part of any culture. Celebrated throughout the year, the galaxy of Indian Festivals makes the Indian Heritage the richest. Vibrant colours, brightly lit places, traditional cuisines , sweets,dance ,music, dresses and ornaments, fasting , feasting, exchanging gifts and good will, prayers and processions, rituals and holidays. To welcome a new season or a new year, the harvest or the rain; on religious occasions or birthdays of God, saints and gurus or to worship the Sun and the Moon...

Regions or reasons may vary and so do the names. But, the festive spirit, concept of universal brotherhood, warm hospitality and enthusiasm appeals people across the globe to be a part of it.

Lord Krishna inspired mankind to live in harmony and love. In Bhagavad – Gita, Krishna said, “Whenever there will be predominance of evil and decline of religion, I will reincarnate to kill the evil and to save the good”. Lord Vishnu reincarnated as Krishna, the eight Nand’s child of Devaki and Vasudev to kill his evil uncle Kans. Vasudev carried new born Krishna to ‘Gokul’ where under King nand’s protection; Krishna got the loving affection of mother Yashoda.

Lord Krishna’s birth is celebrated as ‘Janmashtami’, ‘Krishnashtami’ or ‘Gokulashtami’, occurring on the eighth day (Ashtami) of Hindu month Shravana in July or August.

At midnight the ‘Birth of Lord Krishna’ is replicated along with the recitation of Krishna’s tales and devotional songs. A decorated cradle is rocked with infant Krishna’s idol in it. Janmashtami is celebrated with great honor and joy, with processions, parades or ‘Jhankis’, singing and dancing in elation in the name of the Lord.

The second day is celebrated as ‘Dahi Handi’. An earthen pot full of curd, dry fruits and milk hung at a height with a rope, is broken to mimic the stealing of butter by Krishna. Human pyramids comprising of men or women are formed to break such ‘Matkis’, ‘Govinda Pathaks’ compete to claim the prizes by breaking tallest of the ‘Handis’ or just by giving ‘Salamis’. Turning into mega events with open DJs and live performances by film personalities and celebrities had added a touch of glamour quotient to the festival.

All Region
NTSC / Colour
Language: English
Genre: Documentary

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