Feng Shui: The Eight Fold Path (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

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Chinmaya DunsterTimes Music (2002)44 Minutes
About the CD

Feng Shui is based on an understanding of the universe as being made up of eight distinct energies. Each is associated in Chinese imagery with an element a natural image and an aspect of our personal lives. For instance the seventh energy corresponds to metal heaven and helpful people. Traditional Feng Shui works by making changes to the external world to bring these energies into harmony. Adjusting the seating arrangement for example in the corner of an office corresponding to the seventh energy will assist in making business relations more harmonious.

The Buddha’s insight formulated by him as the eightfold Path to enlightenment tells us that each of these energies has an inner, psychological aspect. Only through a transformation of the internal world will be led to true fulfillment. This is the inner Feng Shui.

About the Music

In composing this music I have tried to evoke the spirit of this inner eightfold process and to convey something of the beauty that understanding it can bring to our lives. I have tried to create music accessible to both western and eastern ears while adding the atmospheres of the sacred western and eastern ears while adding the atmosphere of the sacred sounds of the Buddhist land of the East where so many generations have practiced the Buddha’s eightfold path.

Whey you first listen to the music you may find it helpful to keep in mind the insight from the contemporary enlightened master Osho that I have included with the description of the Feng Shui energy for each track ultimately of course the truth of the eightfold Path is an experience beyond words. As a musician I find that its truth can best be appreciated through the heart. It is through this quality of hurtfulness that I hope managed to convey in my music my gratitude to the transforming power of the inner Feng Shui.

How to Use this Music

You may wish to try the following meditation while listening to the music. It will last about 45 minutes.

Sit as close as possible to the center of a room with which you are familiar. Face the wall containing the main entrance door to the room now turn clockwise 45 degrees (in most rooms you will now be facing a corner). This is the beginning position corresponding with first Feng Shui direction “Mountain /Inner Knowledge”.

Start the CD playing and after reading the description for the first piece Right Mindfulness close your eyes.

While listening to the music turn your attention inward and become aware of your feelings and bodily sensations. The first stage of the eightfold Path emphasizes the need to be as alert and watchful of everything as possible. Use the music to help you relax and feet this watchful quality inside yourself Images, insights, or feelings, comfortable or uncomfortable may come to you as you listen. They are your guides to things that are distracting you from this silent alert quality inherent in you. Unfulfilled longings tensions habitual thought patterns all may be guiding you in how to act to free yourself.

As the first piece of music finishes open your eyes. Now turn another 45 degrees clockwise until you are sitting Right Views begins read the description for it an then again close your eyes and listen tot eh music. Now the thoughts images and feelings that the music evokes are revealing old opinions and prejudices from your past that are blocking your inner growth.

Continue in this way turning 45 degrees clockwise before each of the remaining pieces which will be guiding you in turn through the other aspects of your life the way you make your living the way you keep yourself separate and special your love relationships your creativity and or children the way you relate to other people close to you and to your ambitions and ability to let go.

At the end before getting up you may wish to reflect for a moment on your position at the center of this mandala of eight directions on how you contain them all and on how your inner harmony depends on a harmonious balance of all these inner aspects of yourself. If you have paper and pen handy you may like to write down some of the things you came to understand during the meditation.

Back of the CD

This music blends sacred sounds from the Buddhsit lands of the East with acoustic instruments from around the world the sarod and Santoor from India Celtic harp, Flute and guitar. Melodious and easily accessible the music aims to evoke the inner Feng Shui know to Buddhists as the eightfold Path the essence of which brings trans formation to our inner world. Descriptions of the eight aspects of the path are included with the CD as well as a practical guide to using each associated track of music to bring these aspects into harmony within us.

This harmonious music is a perfect accompaniment to the practice of Feng Shui I am particularly gratified to see Fan Shui brought to its proper spiritual level in this CD well donel.


1 Rohit Mindfulness 7:41
2Right Views 5:44
3Right Livelihood 5:35
4Right Samadhi 5:07
5Right Morality5:35
6Right Effort 4:12
7Right Speech 6:07
2Right Intention 5:07
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