Draupadi Chir Haran - A Poignant Episode from the Mahabharata (DVD)

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B.R. ChopraMoser Baer India Ltd.(2008)
About the DVD

Shakuni suggests that Yudhishthir be invited to Hastinapur for a game of dice. Duryodhan ask that Shakuni will cast the dice for him. Yudhishthir loses his entire kingdom, his brothers, himself and Draupadi.

Enraged, Duryodhan asks his brother Dushasan to bring Draupadi to the assembly hall. Dushasan drags Draupadi to the hall and tries to disrobe her but a miracle occurs. Bheem swears to avenge the wromng doing, while Draupadi rises to curse the Kauravas. Gandhari pleads with Draupadi to stop.

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