Discovering Ragas, An Interactive Guide to Learning Understanding and Appreciating Indian Classical Music (Interactive CD ROM)

Item Code: ICN008
Sony Music (2009)
About the CD

Discovering Ragas Your Very Own Music Guru

• Work through the CD contents at your own pace,

• Over 24 modules with 43 minutes of instructional videos

• A showcase of over 54 Ragas and 15 Talas form booth Hindustani and carnatic styles

• Illustrations of various musical forms such as Dhrupad, Khyal, Thumri, Qawwali, Bhajan Etc.

• Sound samples of over A 100 traditional instruments

• Clips of classical concert performances to help better understand the concepts.

• Raga explanations accompanied with clips of popular Bollywood and Tamil film hits in

• The same raga –to show how modern-dry music is derived from its classical roots.

An interactive guide for the casual learner that not only introduces but helps bring an appreciation for the art understanding.

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