Business Sutra: Leadership and Governance Series: Learn How Ancient Indian Stories Can Enhance Modern Business Management (Series II) (DVD)

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Television Eighteen India Limited (2010)
About the DVD

Is there an Indian Way of doing Business?
Indian Business is modeled on the western concept of corporations and theories of management and governance. But cultural differences have often made that an imperfect fit. So is there an Indian way of doing business? That question is prompted by several recent developments.

Modern business has been slow to recognize the environmental costs of development.

The great recession of 2008 has exposed several weaknesses in western governance models.

And global economic power is rapidly shifting to the emerging economies of Asia.

As India prepares to claim its rightful place in the global economic order we search the past to imagine the enterprise of the future.

Business Sutra is a special series of conversations with well known mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik. It is an attempt to make the wisdom of mythology accessible an to the corporate world. Hosted by CNBC TV 18’s Menka Doshi, Business Sutra discusses the purpose of a corporation short term goals versus long term ideals leadership qualities dharma sankat and modern day business conflicts and challenges.

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