Brahmasutra - Catuhsutri: The First Four Aphorisms of the Brahmasutras Along with Sankaracarya's Commentary and English Explanation 'Sreyaskari' (MP3 Audio DVD)

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Swami Paramananda BharatiCentral Chinmiya Mission Trust Duration : 60 hrs.
About the Subject

This is a groundbreaking explanation of Sankaracarya’s Bhasya on the first four sutras of the Brahmasutras. Throughout these talks, the venerable speaker has given us a bird’s eye view of the entire Prasthantrya Bhasya. Its greatest achievement lies in pointing out to us how, because of misinterpretation of the very first word of the Brahmasutra Bhasya, modern Advaitins have deviated from the original meaning intended by Bhasyakara.


About the Speaker

The speaker is a sannyasi in the lineage of Sankaracarya, having been initiated into sannyasa at Sringeri. Undoubtedly, he is one of the greatest scholars of Advaita Vedanta of this century. His pure life has been a source of constant inspiration for his devotees.


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