The Best of Amir Khusrau (Volume 1 And 2) (Audio CD)

The Best of Amir Khusrau (Volume 1 And 2) (Audio CD)

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, Jafar Hussain Khan Badauni & Party, Warsi BrothersMusic Today (2004)
About the CD
Amir Khusrau

Amir Khusrau was a Turk, who wrote poetry in Persian as well as what he called Hindvi, a combination of local Bhojpuri and Persian (developed by him), which later evolved into Hindi and Urdu. It is said that his grandmother suggested to him that the sweetness in Bhojpuri can never be paralled by the more "elite" Khadi Boli. Amir Khusrau's poetry in Hindvi remains a masterpiece and is one of the simplest to understand.

The man who gave us the sitar, he is often regarded as the father of modern north Indian music giving it some of the most common music forms like Qawwali and Khayal. Qawwali is supposed to have originated from Bhajans (The great Sufi Nizamuddin Auliya was Khusrau's spiritual guide) and Khayal from Qawwali. Even today 700 years after his demise, all Urs festivals start with a Qawwali of Amir Khusrau. Many of his poems are used in ghazals.

Jafar Hussain Khan Badauni and Party
Chorus: Talib Hussain Sultani, Salim Jaffar, Rafiq Ahmed
Dholak: Iltafat Hussain Khan
Tabla: Dillan Khan

Warsi Brothers
Chorus: Naseer Ahmed Khan Warsi, Mohamed Rabani, Amjad Khan Warsi
Dholak: Muqarram Ahmed Khan
Tabla: Maqsood Ahmed Khan Warsi

Volume 1
1.Ali Maula
Abida Parveen
Abida Parveen
3.Chashm - e - Mushk
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
4.Man Kunto Maula
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Volume 2
1.Namidanam Chi
Jafar Hussain Khan Badauni & Party
2.Chhaap Tilak Sab Chhini
Jafar Hussain Khan Badauni & Party
3.Qalbana, Allah Huma Antas Salaam
Warsi Brothers
4.Zihaal - e - Miskin Makuntaghaful
Warsi Brothers
5.Main Nijam Se Naina
Warsi Brothers
6.Toree Surat Ke Balhari
Jafar Hussain Khan Badauni & Party
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