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Durga Slays the Demon Mahishasur

Durga Slays the Demon Mahishasur
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Item Code: HB15
Stone Color on Paper With 24 Gold Work
Artist Kailsh Raj
9.5" X 13.0"
Durga is one of the most impressive and formidable goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. She is depicted as a battle queen with many arms, each wielding a weapon and riding a fierce lion. The best known account of Durga's origin is in connection with her defeat of the demon Mahisa. The story goes that Mahisa was invincible having been granted a boon to that effect. When the gods failed to defeat him, they gathered to find a solution. Their fiery energies and strength congealed into the body of a beautiful woman and equipped her with their weapons. It was God Himalaya who gave her the lion for a vehicle.

The orange-rust background, dispersed at the top by clouds in various shades of blue, catapults the image of Durga into prominence. Wearing a short green blouse and a long red skirt, she is in full battle gear. Yet, the expression on her face is benign, the rationale being that not only is she a slayer of demons, but also maintains and restores cosmic harmony. Her dual role is further strengthened by the crown of a deity and the bandeau of a warrior adorning her at the same time. She is depicted here as a delicate and beautiful goddess, her strength and energetic movement visible through her hold on the weapons.

Lithely poised on her lion, with her string bow outstretched, she turns her head to regard the wild-eyed demon's imminent demise. She then decapitates the buffalo and the demon Mahisa emerges in human form from the buffalo's neck. The abnormal big ears, the horns, the fangs, the body hair, all go in to make the demon a gruesome figure. Aiding this effect is the blood flowing from the beheaded buffalo. The ferocity of the lion manifests as he grasps the buffalo's haunch in a firm bite.

The exceptional quality of this painting is the feeling of serenity in the upper half, in spite of the presence of weapons, and the lower half presenting a contrary, gory sight.

This description by Renu Rana.

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