Mughal Flower
4.5" x 6.5"
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Pink Roses
19" X 29"
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Flowers in Bloom
5.7" X 8.5"
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A Bunch of Flowers
1.2 ft x 1.5 ft
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6.0" X 9.5"
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Q1. What is the purpose of a painting of a flower?

Flowers in Indian culture are symbolic of auspiciousness, purity, fertility, femininity, beauty, and youth. The purpose of a painting of a flower is to bring these qualities into your space when you install the flower painting in your home.

Q2. What makes a good floral painting?

A true-to-life representation of the flower that lets the audience identify the flower, use of bright colors, and addition of finer details such as stalks and leaves make a floral painting a good one.

Q3. Is painting flowers still life?

Painting flowers is considered a still life art form because it represents floral life which is essentially inanimate in nature.

Q4. How do you paint flowers in depth?

To add a sense of depth to your painting of flowers, you should choose multiple layers of colors and experiment with the light and shadow (chiaroscuro) effect, which brings aesthetic realism to artworks.