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Paintings of Lord Ganesha

Ganapati or Ganesha, the lord of hosts and god of wisdom, who is also called Vighnesvara (“the lord presiding over obstacles”), has an obese human body topped by the head of an elephant. Worshiped throughout Hinduism, he is invoked at the beginning of any enterprise, for his is the power to remove obstacles but also to place them in the way of success. His shape is a symbol charged with meaning on many levels. His huge belly, containing the world, is surmounted by his elephant head, signifying the world beyond, the metaphysical reality. The head is maimed; it has only one tusk, thus signifying the power of the number one, whence all numbers have their beginning.

Q1. How do you make a Ganesha painting?

Different schools of Indian paintings have their methods for creating the image of the first worshipped Hindu god Sri Ganesha, though all of them with some minor differences follow the rules laid down in the ancient Hindu treatise on art and aesthetics. A Ganesha painting is made by imagining the iconography of Sri Ganesha as mentioned in his “dhyana shloka” or hymn. A plump body, curving trunk, large ear, gentle visage, and physique adorned with royal ornaments are how Sri Ganesha is drawn. The image is then filled with rich colors that capture the auspiciousness of Ganesha and attributes and decorative elements are added to provide finishing touches.

Q2. Can we gift Ganesha a painting?

Yes, a Ganesha painting is the gift of choice these days amongst the followers of Hindu culture. Varieties of glorious artistic representations of Sri Ganesha are created by Indian artists, aesthetically well-endowed, and beam with a divine spiritual ambiance that they carry.

Q3. What does Hindu art represent?


Hindu art through symbols, images, and motifs represents the ideas, beliefs, and culture of the ancient Hindu religion. Icons of Hindu gods and goddesses, stories from pious Hindu texts, and legends from regional tales are visually narrated in Hindu art which is a living and growing repository of the world’s oldest religious tradition.

Q4. Does paint stick to cotton?

Yes, paint usually sticks to cotton. But to ensure that the paint remains permanently on the fabric, you need to wash the fabric before painting it and heat-set the color once the paint is dried by ironing the cotton sheet.

Q5. What kind of paint will stick to the canvas?

Paints such as acrylic paints with a bright appearance and shorter period of drying are suitable for a canvas because they easily stick to it. Oil paints and spray paints as well as watercolors are also used by artists on their canvases.