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Labradorite Stone Jewelry

1.3 inch Height
1.2 inch Height
.7 inch Width
2.2 inches Height, 0.6 inches Width
.6 inch Height, 0.4 inch width
1.7 inch Height, 1 inch width
1.5 inch Height, 1.4 inch width
1.3 inch Height, 0.6 inch width
1.2 inch Height, 0.8 inch width
0.7 inch Height
1.5 inch Width
2.2 inch Height, 1 inch width
12 mm Height
0.6 inch Height
0.2 inch Width

Labradorite - The Winter Gem

This lesser-known yet fascinating class of feldspars derives its name from the peninsula of Labrador. Primarily the eastern border of Canada, it is where the first labradorites were discovered. Flashes of blues and yellows against a base colour of grey characterise the highly coveted labradorites of this region. Feldspars literally coat the earth, their abundance a reason why they are yet to catch on with the gem-loving populace. With our eye for beauty, we have stocked up on a collection of key labradorite pieces and presented them to the lovers of mineral gems. Diverse colours and cuts characterise the labradorites in this section - while the colour variation gives away the specific source where the gem in question has been mined, the sheer variety of faceted or en cabochon or flat-cut stones betray the versatilty of this gem.

Our jewellers strictly work with a sterling silver foundation, which serves to bring out the labroderescence of the gemstones. The plagioclase family of feldspars, which include the likes of spectrolites (a powder-blue labradorite) and intense yellow labradorites mined in the former Soviet Union, is known for the richness of colour and sheen exhibited by the stones. Labradorites are known as one of the seven gems of winter, owing to the fact that these feldspars are formed in the bitterest of winters across the planet. Set in danglers and drop earrings as well as layered necklaces and bracelets, the labradorites in our collection represent this diversity. Pick a cut and colour that best goes with your personality - this gem is an amazing thing to team with your casual chic outfits.