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Your Ultimate Fashion Destination Accessory – Lapis Lazuli Rings

Exotic India offers you a delightful assortment of Lapis Lazuli rings for all those women who love mesmerizing blue hues and mystical jewelry pieces. Enveloped in sterling silver, the Lapis stone shines bright, reminiscing the moonlit night, alluring every woman’s heart. Crafted with utmost care and attention, these rings exhibit excellent artistic expressions of the skilled artisans. This gemstone is cut and refined into different shapes such as oval, round, diamond, and emerald cuts to create fascinating rings for women. 

When you adorn one of our Lapis stone rings, it is not just a jewelry piece but a testament to the timeless beauty of the night sky. The combination of the soothing silvery surface of sterling silver and the opulent blue Lapis Lazuli stone appears as if perfectly made for each other, glorifying and complementing each other in the best way possible. A unique and well-chosen ring serves as a focal point for your outfit and attracts everyone’s eyes. When wrapped around your finger, it will give a flair to your entire outfit and will elevate your personality effortlessly. 

Choose from this variegated collection's wide range of styles and designs and turn all heads your way. From simpler designs to wear casually with a basic outfit to adorning an intricately designed ring to a special event, we have every option for you. Buy a ring and make yourself feel put together.

Q. Can I wear a Lapis Lazuli ring with other jewelry?

Yes, you can match and wear your beautiful Lapis Lazuli ring with other jewelry pieces such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. The mesmerizing bluish hue of the gemstone can very well complement jewelry made of some other stone or metal. This will give you a unique and stylish look altogether.

Q. Is Lapis Lazuli durable enough for everyday wear in a ring?

Although Lapis Lazuli is relatively a softer gemstone than diamond, ruby or sapphire, it is still durable enough to be worn every day if properly cared for. It is advised to remove the Lapis Lazuli ring from your finger when engaging in heavy sporting activities such as swimming. Not exposing it to harsh chemicals or direct sunlight is another way to prevent scratches and ensure its prolonged lifespan.

Q. Can Lapis Lazuli rings be used as engagement or wedding rings?

The lovely bluish hue of Lapis Lazuli stone is associated with connectedness and thus can best represent the deep bonding between two individuals committed to each other. Using Lapis rings as engagement or wedding rings is a unique choice and will be appreciated by everyone. Choose the right design and celebrate your connection with your loved one.