1.7" Height, 1.2" Width
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1.4" Height1.0" Width
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2.1" Height1.1" Width
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2.1" Height0.5" Width
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3.0" Height2.6" Width
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1.2" Height1.1" Width
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2.2" Height1.0" Width
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1.0" Height
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2.4" Height, 1.1" Width
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2" Height, 1.4" Width
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2" Height, 1.9" Width
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1.5" x 2.2"
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Pendant - The Bestfriend To Your Neckline

Never let your neck feel lonely, let a delicate pendant be the perfect company. Exotic India brings a collection of a wide range of exquisitely designed pendants that dazzle through and make heads turn. With a wide range of stones, designs and metals, you can find every kind of pendant under the sun that compliments your neckline at Exotic India. 

Along with elevating one’s beauty, each unique stone pendant also draws its own energies and bears its unique healing properties. Rose Quartz is known to elevate your love frequencies while moonstone helps in raising intuition and amethyst to heal stress and other negative emotions. Pendants are also available in assorted designs as well as several religious logos and signs of divinities. You can find pendants that paint a picture of Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Buddha or Universal energy words like ‘AUM’ or the symbol of Trishul as a good luck charm. 

Don’t let your sumptuous attire feel like it’s missing something, uplift the look by adding a tinge of traditionality with Indian jewellery by Exotic India that is sure to raise your energies too. Choose from a vast variety of Indian jewellery made just for you to add oomph while you’re ready to step out for a function or want to just indulge in some self-love.

Pendants are beautiful chain necklaces that come in a handful of styles. From simple yet elegant single-chain pendants to layers and chunky pendants, Exotic India takes care of all your style statements and makes pendants for all looks under the umbrella. Pendants carry meaning and value as its one of the few pieces of jewelry that have existed since the start of time. 

Today, pendants mark as one of the most prominent jewelry pieces in the fashion world. 

Being so close to the face, it’s one of the first ornaments one’s eye lay to. In the historic days, pendants carried spiritual value as it was said to carry elements that helped the wearer from the evil eye. Now, pendants hold remarkable vogue value and a sense of personal style. 

Sterling Silver pendants are not just gorgeous to look at, but lack the softness of pure silver jewelry, making them sturdier, finer, and even smoother in appearance. Exotic India brings to you a list of sterling silver pendants that set the tone for your style and appearance. High-quality, stylish, aesthetic pendants are designed using various different gemstones, cuts, symbols, as well as religious logos that custom fit your fashion.