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Shake the evil and awaken the wise within you with shiva jewelry

In India, Jewelry is a representative part of its multifarious traditions and culture. They convey traditional and spiritual implications, particularly during weddings. Besides marriage adornments worn by the woman, there are additionally religious pieces of jewelry. Religious Jewels are worn keeping in mind a devotee’s dedication to specific Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism. Wearing these adornments implies that you are requesting a safe and secure life from the heavenly beings. It is likewise an approach to seeking blessings. Shiva plays multiple roles as a Hindu divinity. He is the extraordinary sage, the expert on fertility, the expert on toxic substances and medication, and Lord of Cattle. His multiple roles are examples of a propensity in Hinduism to see correlative characteristics in a solitary vague figure. Thus, pieces of jewelry related to him are representative of his strength, multifacetedness, and much more. Some symbols that are seen in Lord Shiva related Jewelry are- 

  1. Trishul addresses the three parts of awareness - waking, dreaming, and resting, and it addresses the three Gunas - sattva, rajas, and tamas. Holding a Trishul (Trident) connotes that Shiva is over every one of the three states - waking, dreaming, and resting, yet he is the one who holds them together. Shul implies sadness or languishing. Trishul implies what obliterates all sorts of misery. Three types of torment emerge throughout everyday life:1. Adi Bhautik (physical) 2. Adhyatmik (spiritual) and 3. Adi Daivik (ethereal). What makes all these torments away, is the Trishul.

  1. The Shiva Linga is an image of Lord Shiva: an imprint that helps to remember the Omnipotent Lord, which is shapeless. Shiva Linga addresses the Hindu worshiper in the obvious language of quietness. It is just the outward image of the shapeless being, Lord Shiva, who is the undying soul situated in our hearts.

  1. It is accepted widely that recounting the Bhagwan Chalisa can keep dangerous spirits at bay, diminish the impact of Saturn and help those plagued by bad dreams. It invigorates one's physical strength and mental fortitude to deal with difficulties directly. Amidst the devastating cruelty that is metropolitan life, you see a gleam on the reader/wearer's face. It is the most impressive articulation of Hinduism at a personal level that one can experience on India's roads.


Q1.  What is the profound symbolism behind wearing jewelry inspired by the life of the great Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva is popularly called the Destroyer or Transformer. The deeper the imagery is, the more easily we can conquer our internal devils and embrace the shadow inside through mindfulness, and self-control. By taking care and being aware of ourselves, we can change the uncomfortable darkness in us into light both inside and around us.

Q2. What is the significance of “Om Namah Shivay” engraved on your jewelry?

Om Namah Shivay mantra is a pathway to self-awareness, to commit some time to your internal identity. The sound vibration of the mantra is supposed to be a particularly pure enunciation of our most profound nature. It functions as a pressure buster and distressed the brain, and helps an individual unwind and loosen up. Om Namah Shivay is a strong mantra. Reciting it assists an individual with exercising control over one's own identity and senses. It likewise provides them with a guide for life and assists them with understanding themselves better.