Sterling Silver Pendant with Bhagawan Chalisa Book
  • Durga Chalisa
  • Hanuman Chalisa
  • Shani Chalisa
  • Shiva Chalisa
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Attain abundance by surrendering to Lord Hanuman and his powers to truly build a bridge to success

With respect to character, strength, and capacity, Hanuman was infinitely better than even people. His complete surrender of Self to the heavenly reason and his commitment to Lord Rama was one of a kind, praiseworthy and genuine. Indeed, even today Rama worshippers say that any place the name of Lord Rama is recited or referenced, sacred Hanuman would be available there paying attention to the reciting of his name. Hanuman emblematically represents unadulterated dedication, complete surrender, and nonappearance of ego or the lower self. His personality lets us know what we can do in our lives by becoming unadulterated worshippers of God, conforming to the powers of good, and helping the feeble, with self-restraint, unconditional love, and complete surrender. As a worshiper, Hanuman addresses the psychological body, which comprises the thoughts that flow in our Chitta. It is liable for our creative mind, astral travel, and dream encounters. The knowledge body comprises buddhi or optional insight, which is viewed as one of the greatest tattvas or standards of Nature. Our buddhi is supposed to be an immediate impression of heavenly knowledge. It is liable for our thinking skills, reasoning, and conscience. There are a variety of symbols of Hanuman that can be worn as jewelry that will help an individual keep the sacred being’s ideals of life close to them-

  1. Hanuman Yantra: It kills a wide range of fears that are infesting an individual's mind. Hanuman Yantra eliminates the malicious impacts of a bruised eye. It guarantees mental soundness and actual strength. The Hanuman Yantra safeguards an individual from every one of the negative powers and effects of the malicious planets. It should be worn every day or can be placed in the pooja room. The wearer will attain great physical and mental strength. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa while wearing the Hanuman yantra delivers the best outcomes in each field.

  2. Hanuman Chalisa: Hanuman is considered a divinity who disposes of disasters and spirits that can be perilous. It is believed that assuming an individual is bothered with bad dreams they ought to put Hanuman Chalisa under their cushion to calmly rest. It assists an individual with disposing of overwhelming thoughts. We as a whole commit sins deliberately and unexpectedly. Rather according to the standards of Hinduism, we are caught in the pattern of birth and demise simply because of our wrongdoings. Recounting the initial sections of the Hanuman Chalisa assists one with disposing of the awful deeds done in the past and present birth. Perusing the Hanuman Chalisa, before anything else, will guarantee that an individual's day-to-day life works out positively. It assists them with feeling de-stressed and totally in charge of their life. Perusing the Hanuman Chalisa can fill an individual with divine ecstasy. The advantages of reciting or paying attention to Hanuman Chalisa are limitless and staggering. It is trusted that on the off chance that a worshiper recounts these 40 sections with unadulterated dedication and concentration, the individual in question gets compensated and every one of the desires materializes. Standard recitation of the Chalisa presents them with the Lord's blessings.


Q1. How can a Hanuman Chalisa pendant ward off negative energy?

One of the sections from Hanuman Chalisa "Bhoot Pichas Nikat Nahi aaven, Mahavir hit Naam sunave" which means - no malevolent soul can influence an individual who takes the name of Lord Hanuman and recounts Hanuman Chalisa as loud as possible. It eliminates all kinds of antagonism from the psyche and soul of the individual and their family and brings harmony and amiability to the family.

Q2. How does wearing a Hanuman Yantra help an individual?

The Hanuman Yantra is a sacrosanct instrument that comprises a figure or image portrayed by straightforward mathematical structures organized in a symmetric plan that reverberates with the powers and positive frequencies of Lord Hanuman. This mysterious outline can draw in the life ideals of Lord Hanuman and conveys the meaning of a mantra. This strong Yantra reverberates with the positive energies of Lord Hanuman and favors the wearer with fortitude, self-confidence, and mental strength.