9.5.0 inch Armlet Length
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8.0 inch Necklace Length with Adjustable Cord3.0 inch Earrings Height
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$70  (25% off)
8.0 inch Necklace Length3.2 inch Overhang2.6 inch Earrings Height
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$45  (25% off)
8.8 inch Length with Adjustable Cord
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$135  (25% off)
7.5 inch Necklace Length4.5 inch Tika Lenght3.2 inch Earrings Height
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$80  (40% off)
7.5 inch Necklace Length4.5 inch Tika Lenght3.5inch Earrings Height
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2.2" Dia x 1.2" Wide
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$35  (25% off)
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Kundan - The Heritage Jelwery Adds A Royal Look

Kundan, a form of gemstone that is used to make jewelry pieces look lifeless, is a traditional stone prepared using a pure form of molten gold. Made with a deftly unprecedented process and a complex preparation method, Kundan originated in the courts of Rajasthan, making it a precious and royale form of stone. Exotic India recognizes the simplicity and intensity of Kundan stones and brings to you a variety of Kundan jewelry to choose from. 

Kundan makes for eccentric jewelry pieces that radiate India’s heritage past and the beauty of engraved patterns that are filled with splendidly colored gems. Surpassing all heights of beauty, Kundan jewelry is the perfect way to add a tinge of tradition to your attire. 

Kundan jewelry necessitates adequate knowledge of gems, the making method and is a unique handmade practice that involves patience and attention to detail to place each minute stone at the right place. To make exquisite pieces of Kundan jewelry, skilled labor and tasteful pattern thinking are a must, which is why Exotic India picks only the best-suited designs and stones to make for perfect Kundan jewelry pieces.