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Dive Deep In The Gentle Stone of Mysticism: Labradorite

A member of the feldspar mineral group, Labradorite is made up of calcium and exhibits iridescence. Its crystal system is triclinic in nature. These crystals are commonly seen in thin and tubular shapes. They are present in a range of colors including purple, bluish-gray, green, yellow and brown. It is also known to display a pearly shine. Labradorite is also commonly known as the Stone of Mysticism. Its mysticism stems from its iridescent nature and its changing colors. With a myriad of healing properties, this gemstone is all about accessing your inner creativity and building a connection with your higher consciousness. With an enticing display of blues, greens, dazzling golds and smoky details, its structure and colouration is reminiscent of the earth’s elements. Channeling the power of these elements, Labradorite is known for its beauty, grace and healing powers. In Vedic Astrology, Labradorite is regarded as the most powerful gemstone among the ‘protector’ minerals. It is associated with three distinct zodiac signs - Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. 

Healing Properties of Labradorite

Considered the Stone of Transformation, Labradorite helps in bringing life-giving energy to all areas of the soul, thus keeping the body in balance. Its main attributes are its self-soothing nature, enhancement of creative ambition and cosmic energy. It is also known to amplify mental clarity. Here are some of its other benefits: 

  • Grounded in physical healing, the Labradorite is a great healing crystal when it comes to the respiratory system. 

  • It also helps with blood circulation and breathing and it enhances the overall health and well-being of an individual.

  • Labradorite also aids the process of digestion and makes sure your metabolism is in check. Additionally, for women, it also helps with painful periods.

  • Through the stimulation of mental clarity, Labradorite helps relieve underlying tension and anxiety. 

  • Mentally, Labradorite helps fuel your imagination. It is also great for stabilizing moods. 

  • Coming to the stone’s spiritual value, Labradorite is commonly associated with the throat and the third eye chakra. 

Apart from its beauty quotient, Labradorite is usually worn as a necklace, as a ring or as a bracelet as well. Direct contact with the skin is a must to harness the stone’s healing powers. Some of the gemstones that are used in combination with Labradorite are Amethyst, Fluorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Sunstone and Obsidian. 


Q1. How is the link between Labradorite and the throat chakra and third eye chakra beneficial? 

In opening up the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, Labradorite improves social skills, clarity of thought and rationale. Labradorite makes an individual more open to authentic communication, and connections and encourages them to trust their instincts. By opening up the third eye chakra, Labradorite helps an individual trust in their own judgment. 

Q2. What is the best use of Labradorite? 

The power of Labradorite is fully harnessed when it is incorporated in jewelry and ornaments. Through its skin contact, it helps build a deeper connection with an individual’s inner wisdom. As jewelry pieces, it also helps get rid of chakra blockages that might be causing distress to the body, mind and soul. Meditation also makes use of Labradorite.