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Om Jewelry - The Universal Word To Unlock Unlimited Benefits

Om, the pillar of the universe, and is the union of the mind, body, and soul. The sound of Om is considered as the creator, manifestation as well as destruction of the universe. Om has close ties with Hindusim, Buddhism as well as Jainism, and is a powerful toon to raise the vibration frequency. Exotic India finely designs Om jewelry pieces that incorporate the word ‘AUM’, as well as ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ into cuffs, rings, and pendants

Om as a symbol acts as a gentle reminder to the wearer that he isn’t alone and that the Universe has its back. It opens the door to tranquility during meditation and helps strengthen the mind by clearing foggy thoughts and ideas. It helps bring the wearer closer to their spiritual self, increases their focus, and builds trust in the mystical power of the Universe. It reduces stress and relaxes the body and the mind. It helps keep anxiety in check as it reduces the heart rate as well as the blood pressure and opens up sinuses. 

Exotic India curates beautiful high vibrational Om jewelry pieces that inculcate feelings of peace and calmness and help the bearer develop spiritually as well as help manifest qualities needed to thrive in the material world. Embrace the power of the universal word OM and transform your life.